Project Initiation

Aug 2017
Bioplatforms Australia consultation with Australian State and National Herbaria and Botanic Gardens to undertake a collaborative project in plants genomic.

Mar 2018
Genomics for Australian Plants Initiative approved by Bioplatforms Australia board.

May 2018
The Steering Committee was set up.

Jun 2018
The Wet lab and Computational Working Groups were set up. An extensive review of Wet lab and Computational approaches were undertaken. This formed the basis of the selection criteria for the reference genome aim of the Initiative.

Sep 2018
The Initiative Data Portal was set up.

Oct 2018
A call out sent to the plants community for reference genome species suggestion. All suggestions must address the selection criteria.

The Initiative Twitter account was set up.

Dec 2018
The Genomics for Australian Plants Initiative was launched at the Australasian Systematic Botany Society Inc. (ASBS) conference in Brisbane. 

The reference genome pilot species were announced at the launch.

Please see the next update for more information on the launch and the pilot species