Genomics for Australian Plants was initiated by Bioplatforms in partnership with researchers from the Australian State and National Herbaria and Botanic Gardens. The aim is to develop genomics resources to enhance our understanding of the evolution and conservation of the unique Australian flora.

Broadly, the key aims of the Initiative are:

  • Sequence and assemble representative Australian plant genomes across across the plant tree of life to enable better conservation, utilisation and understanding of Australia’s unique plant diversity;
  • Build genomic capacity across Australian Botanic Gardens and Herbaria to create networks collaborating in the collection, management, dissemination and application of genomic data for Australian plants;
  • Provide tools to enable genomic data to be used to identify and classify biodiversity at a range of scales and to use these tools to inform conservation management and enable better decision making.

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Please forward your queries relating to the project to the Project Manager.

Images reproduced with permission from Maurizio Rossetto (Telopea speciosissima), Russell Barrett (Areocleome oxalidea) and the State Botanical Collection, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (Geoff Lay – Correa reflexa var. reflexa, Geoff Carle – Boronia coerulescens subsp. coerulescens, Jeff Jeanes – Acacia penninervis and Gwenn & Rodger Elliot – Acacia pycnantha).