GAP training & bioinformatics resources

Bioinformatic workflows

The GAP Phylogenomics Bioinformatics working group has combined newly developed and existing scripts into an integrated workflow for the assembly of target capture data.

The reconstruction of the GAP phylogenomics Australian Angiosperm Tree of Life (AAToL) utilises analysis pipelines that have been developed by the Phylogenomics Bioinformatics Working Group for easier deployment and to vastly reduce the number of commands required for their use. The workflow utilised to reconstruct the Australian Angiosperm Tree of Life is currently available on the preprint server, bioRxiv: 

Links to bioinformatics workflows for analysing target sequence capture data for phylogenomics projects are provided here:

Bioinformatic workflows:

Recommendations for data analysis from the Phylogenomics Bioinformatics Working Group: Document here

Webinars & Workshops

A series of virtual bioinformatics webinars and workshops were developed by the Phylogenomics Bioinformatics Working Group and delivered at the virtual Australasian Systematic Botany Society conference 2021. The webinar recordings and workshop materials are provided as training resources for the analysis of target capture sequence data for phylogenomics projects:

Webinar recordings:

Workshop materials:

Compute resources for GAP consortium members

The Australian BioCommons Leadership Share (ABLeS) provides compute resources to the GAP consortium via access to the GADI supercomputer. For GAP users’ access to Gadi, please contact Theo Allnutt.