Isopogon buxifolius complex

Aim: Conservation Genomics
Project initiation: Aug 2020
Project lead: Rachel Binks | Dept of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) State Government of Western Australia

Project description:

The I. buxifolius complex is a stunning group of small shrubs endemic to southwestern Australia. Taxa within the complex exhibit extensive morphological variation and have undergone many revisions since the 1800s. While some taxa have been resolved in recent years, there are a number of variants and phrase named taxa that remain unresolved due to complex and overlapping morphological variation.

Many of these taxa have restricted ranges and are of conservation concern: I. sp. Ravensthorpe, I. sp. Darling Range, the prostrate variant of I. polycephalus, I. sp. Canning Reservoir, I. buxifolius var. buxifolius and I. buxifolius var. obovatus. The more widespread members of the group include typical and western variants of I. polycephalus, I. sp. Fitzgerald River and I. spathulatus. Genomic resolution of these taxa will enable field identification for botanical consultants, land managers and wildflower enthusiasts, as well as facilitate appropriate conservation management by DBCA.