Hibbertia scandens (climbing guinea flower)

Aim: Reference genomes (Phase 3 project)
Project initiation: Aug 2021

Reproduced with permission from Tim Hammer

Project collaborators:

  • Michelle Waycott | University of Adelaide and State Herbarium of South Australia
  • David Adelson | University of Adelaide
  • Tim Hammer | University of Adelaide and State Herbarium of South Australia
  • Kor-jent van Dijk | University of Adelaide
  • Ed Biffin | State Herbarium of South Australia
  • Zhipeng Qu | University of Adelaide

Project description:

Related project: Hibbertia phylogenomics project

Hibbertia scandens (snake vine or climbing guinea flower) is a very popular ornamental plant and is planted widely throughout Australia in private gardens and public spaces and is common and not conservation listed. The species can be found in northeastern Queensland to southeastern New South Wales in wet sclerophyll forests.

The availability of a reference genome will contribute to the ongoing study of Dilleniaceae for the Flora of Australia. The addition of a Hibbertia reference genome would significantly enhance our ability to infer genomic diversity and links with genome evolution, ploidy and diversification in Hibbertia and Dilleniaceae.