Eremophila drummondii (Drummond’s Eremophila)

Aim: Reference genomes (Phase 2 project)
Project initiation: Oct 2020

Reproduced with permission from Rachael Fowler

Project collaborators:

  • Rachael Fowler | The University of Melbourne
  • Chris Jackson | Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
  • Daniel Murphy | Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
  • Todd McLay | Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
  • Oliver Gericke | University of Copenhagen
  • Allison Heskes | University of Copenhagen

Project description:

Eremophila (Emu bush) are a large and incredibly diverse Australian endemic genus of approx. 230 species distributed throughout arid and semi-arid regions. Eremophila species have played a significant role in traditional Aboriginal medicine, and the genus is at the centre of current chemical research for the purposes of natural product discovery and pharmaceutical development.

Eremophila drummondii (Drummonds Eremophila) is native to the south-west of Western Australia throughout the Avon, Coolgardie and Roe botanical districts, andis of particular interest with regards to compounds in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. Eremophila drummondii is also of interest from a phylogenetic perspective, it is placed in a morphologically diverse lineage that contains a number of rare/threatened species and species of known bioactive constituents.

At present, there are no available reference genomes in genus Eremophila, or the family Scrophulariaceae more broadly. If sequenced, an entire nuclear genome of Eremophila drummondii would serve as a reference for this large Australian endemic genus, as well as other members of Scrophulariaceae, and could assist to fast track exploratory research in the fields of drug discovery, evolutionary studies, pollination biology and conservation genetics.