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Background and Aims
The Genomics for Australian Plants (GAP) Initiative is a nationally-inclusive collaboration that Bioplatforms Australia is developing in conjunction with the plant research collections community. The Initiative is being driven by the plant research collections community and brings together researchers, data specialists, state governments, commonwealth government agencies, and plant conservation and research agencies with the aim of using genomics approaches to enable the community to better understand, utilise and conserve Australia’s unique plant diversity.

This initiative is focusing on the generation of data and development of workflows for several streams of activity including reference genomes, phylogenomics and conservation genomics. This project is aligned with and will help deliver on strategic actions identified in the recently released “Discovering biodiversity: a decadal plan for taxonomy and biosystematics in Australia and New Zealand 2018–2027”.

GAP Reference Genomes – Expression of Interest
In the first stream of activity, the Genomics for Australian Plants Initiative aims to sequence and assemble the genomes of representative Australian plant taxa. The GAP initiative has learnt a lot from the three pilot projects that were initiated in Dec 2018. The lessons learnt formed the basis for this second expression of interest. We are now calling for suggestions from the community for candidate species to consider within this reference genomes stream.

We request a response to the questions posed in the Word document <link here> by email to Mabel Lum <> no later than COB Mon, 6 July 2020.

It should be noted that this is NOT a grant opportunity. The sequencing will be undertaken by Bioplatforms Australia genomics facilities through their Framework Initiative strategic investments, while the provision of DNA suitable for sequencing and data assembly is to be supported by research community co-investment.

Contact information
David Cantrill | Project information |
Mabel Lum | Project Manager |