Myrtaceae tribe Chameulaucieae (Waxflower)

Aim: Phylogenomics Stage 2
Project initiation: Aug 2021
Project lead:  Michelle Waycott | University of Adelaide and State Herbarium of South Australia

Reproduced with permission from Michelle Waycott

Project description:

The Chamelaucieae tribe within the Myrtaceae family is one of the most species-rich components of the Australian flora, comprising more than 660 species across 37 genera. It is the fourth largest of the 17 tribes recognised in Myrtaceae. Nearly all species are found in Australia and are ecologically important in many vegetation communities, particularly in the heathlands of southwest Western Australia. The resolution of phylogenetic relationships in the Chamelaucieae tribe is still not fully resolved and, in this study, a well-supported backbone for Chamelaucieae will be constructed.

96 taxa representing all genera and subtribes of the groups within the tribe will be sampled with multiple species per group. The aim is to resolve monophyly of several genera and polytomy in some of the sub-tribes. The relationships of the divergent lineages will also be investigated, these possibly representing putative new genera, or taxa. The NGS data will enable inference of biogeographic history and diversification dynamics of the tribe.